New DPCM, key day. The Government meets the Regions: all the latest updates

Key day for the next DPCM. A summit between the Government and the Regions is expected on the government provision to be issued with the measures for Christmas.

The new text will have to be approved on 4 December to regulate the holidays. The Regions ask for transparency in decisions and the closure of the borders of the Alpine regions in order to avoid the flight of our fellow citizens to go skiing in the countries where the facilities will remain open.

Curfew and travel

The night curfew, which today is in effect throughout Italy from 10pm to 5am, will probably be extended to 6am.

Among the measures there is the stop to the movement between Regions, including those which are both yellow zones. It is therefore impossible to reach second homes outside the region after the start of the Christmas period, while the return to one’s residence or domicile will always be guaranteed.

For dinner on the 24th and Christmas lunch it is recommended to celebrate only with cohabitants, while on December 25th and 26th the restaurants will also be closed in the yellow areas. Any kind of party is forbidden in public or private places, with the mayors who can close streets or squares if they deem it appropriate.

School and church

The reopening of high schools will almost certainly be postponed to January 7, it seems increasingly difficult to think that high schools can restart next week and then stop again for Christmas. Middle schools will remain in attendance until the eighth grade in the yellow and orange zone, until first in the red zone.

As for religious services: the celebrations would be authorized, even on 24 and 25 December, but until 10pm.

New Dpcm and teachers outside the region: possible stop movements from 19/20 December. Regions are asking for change


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