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‘Women’s football in Portugal scores goals and is liked more every day’: Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo expressed his “immense pride” in the development of women’s football in his native Portugal, which, in his opinion, “has stopped hitting the crossbar” and is now “scoring goals and delighting girls across the country.”

The greatest figure of Portuguese football of all time left a message that was read at the ‘Champions Gala’, an awards ceremony dedicated to women’s football and futsal that took place on Monday night on the outskirts of Lisbon, “the first of many celebrations that praise, reward, distinguish and eternalize football played by women.”

In his text, Cristiano traced the evolution of women’s football, “a just cause, proudly solid and emotionally serious.”

“Only now, in the third decade of the 21st century, has football played by women stopped hitting the crossbar. Because today this football scores goals, it delights girls from all over the country and tells them without fear: Come play! “She stated.

To get to this point, “it took many balls from many girls and women hitting the crossbar and all knowing that one day the goal would say Yes!” said Cristiano, alluding to his famous celebration.

The captain of the Portuguese team also asked for “more and more recognition” for this cause, that “we all fight for it,” and “that we do it every day.”

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‘Women’s football in Portugal scores goals and is liked more every day’: Cristiano Ronaldo

He demanded “more and more fields for them, yes, they need them” and “better and better schedules, yes, because their parents deserve them.”

Cristiano Ronaldo ended with an appeal: “It is with immense pride that I embrace you today and with even greater energy that I follow you every day and call you all to the greatest mission in history: Come play!”

“Never forget this: persisting in the dream, trusting, falling and getting up is the mark of an athlete and is part of the history of Portugal,” he concluded.

Benfica, Barça’s rival in the women’s Champions League, was the most awarded team at the ‘Champions Gala’, organized by the sports newspaper Record – of which Cristiano is now one of the owners after acquiring the Cofina media group -.

Canadian Cloé Lacasse (who currently plays for Arsenal) won the award for best player of the year, while Portuguese Kika Nazareth won the revelation award.

The ceremony also paid tribute to the Portuguese women’s team, which received the Inspiration award after its first participation in a World Cup.

“You have opened doors, you have demolished doors. The leap that was made in terms of internationalization was unprecedented. (…) Also in football, women managed to go where they had never gone before, paving the way for women of the future or the present,” declared the Portuguese president, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, in a video message.

With information from EFE.

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