Most notably, Majdi Abdul-Ghani did not appear. 3 decisions from the “TEN” channel after Al-Ahly’s complaint

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The journalist Nashat Al-Daihi, president of the “TEN” channel, announced that Captain Magdy Abdel-Ghani had not appeared on the channel’s screen, after the statement issued by the Al-Ahly club and carried a complaint against the sports program of the channel.

Al-Daihi said, on his official Facebook page, that the channel respects and appreciates the ancient Al-Ahly club and its great fans, a respect befitting the national role of this great edifice, adding that it is a national institution that is not subject to demolition, and no program or channel can shake its corners.

Al-Ahly had said in his complaint that the program violates the media honor codes and violates the organizing rules, and that the permanent guest Majdi Abdul-Ghani attacks the Al-Ahly club, its officials and leaders without justification, and aims to destroy the entity and destabilize it.

Al-Daihi pointed out that the channel firmly believes that the sports media has a huge responsibility towards controlling public performance through objectivity in dealing with football matters, pointing out that the channel adheres to literally all laws and charters regulating media work.

Al-Daihi explained that the channel’s management took 3 decisions regarding Al-Ahly’s complaint, in a sense of national responsibility towards the public issues, namely:

1- Addressing the Al-Ahly Club management to determine the facts that occurred in the program and represent a violation of the charters and laws governing the work to correct them since the program was launched.

2- The channel’s management calls on the family of the sports media in Egypt to work on controlling and upgrading performance and not to create a state of tension among the masses of Egyptian football.

3- Magdy Abdel-Ghani does not appear on the channel screen.

A statement at a time when we call for attention to the plots being hatched for us targeting the awareness of Egyptians and tampering with the nation’s fundamentals through …

Posted by Nashaat El Deehy on Monday, October 12, 2020

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