Women who give birth early have higher risk of stroke (study)

Women who give birth to their first child at an early age have a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]

Women who give birth to their first child at an early age have a higher risk of heart attack and stroke, a new study has found. She had early menarche, gave birth to her first child at a young age, and the more experienced a woman was, the more likely she was to develop cardiovascular disease.

Researchers from Imperial College London, Cambridge University, and Yale School of Public Health in the UK analyzed data from more than 100,000 women and investigated how reproductive factors, such as menstruation and pregnancy, could affect women’s heart health.

According to the results, the earlier the first birth, the greater the number of childbirth experiences, and the earlier the menarche, the higher the risk of atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease, heart failure, and stroke. On the other hand, there was no association between the age at onset of menopause and cardiovascular disease.

Dr Maddalena Ardicino, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London, said the study “shows a clear link between reproductive factors and cardiovascular disease”. said.

However, this result does not mean that you should worry about whether you start menstruating at a young age or give birth early, and additional risks can be minimized by well controlling common risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as body mass index and blood pressure. It is explained that it shows that there is.

According to the researchers, women are perceived to have lower rates of cardiovascular disease than men, so diagnosis tends to be delayed.

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Experts suggest that when screening women for heart-related problems, in addition to traditional risk factors such as poor diet and lack of exercise, factors related to menstruation and pregnancy should be considered.

The results of this study were published in the “Journal of the American Heart Association.”

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