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Woman divorces husband after declining sister-in-law’s invitation to Bukber


Marriages can end in unexpected ways, maybe even for reasons that sound trivial, like this one story. Just because she didn’t want to pick up her sister-in-law, this woman from Egypt ended up being divorced by her own husband.

Reporting from Gulf News, the story was shared by the woman to Tahia Masr. She said that her husband was unable to maintain the privacy of their household and was often influenced by his older brother which then sparked fights.

The woman herself has been married to her husband for 7 years. From this marriage, they had one son and two daughters.

The husband’s relationship with his older brother is indeed very close. The woman, who was not named, said that her brother-in-law had been married several times and was often divorced.

The woman also said that her husband often confided in her sister about her family life in detail, including financial problems. This of course makes the woman feel uncomfortable, because her family life seems to have no privacy anymore.

Afraid that her husband would imitate her sister’s behavior and treat her badly, the woman refused to pick her up and invited her sister-in-law to break the fast together on the first day of Ramadan. Instead, she asked her husband to spend time with just her and their children, but he refused.

Not to be outdone, the wife did not want to follow the words of her husband who kept forcing her to invite her brother-in-law. Until finally her husband asked his wife to leave the house. Her husband said that his wife was not a good wife and would divorce her.

Three weeks later the woman received divorce papers. The case was brought to court with the woman who asked for child custody to fall into her hands. Unfortunately it is not explained further how this story ends.

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