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Why Paris Jackson desperately needs girlfriend Cara Delevingne

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08. May 2021 – 9:56 Clock

VIPstagram: The rumor of the week

Paris Jackson (23) and model Cara Delevingne (28) should celebrate a love comeback in 2021. Right now – with the current headlines about Paris’ late father, pop star Michael Jackson (1958-2009) – she will need a strong partner like Cara at her side. The VIPstagram moderators Kena Amoa and Tanja Bülter reveal what’s behind it in the video.

Paris and Cara have known each other for a long time

All eyes on Paris: You and Cara were caught together on the way to a party after receiving the Oscars in 2021. The two are said to have even had a joint tattoo.

In 2018 the two tied for the first time, but a solid relationship between the Jackson daughter and the British model did not develop at the time. Maybe it’s more this time?

Paris Jackson in a photo collage with her late father Michael Jackson.

© Instagram/Paris Jackson

Every week new celebrity stories on the VIPstagram

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The moderator duo Tanja Bülter and Kena Amoa interviewed VIPs in the weekly VIPstagram show. They also have real insider stories and anecdotes in store.


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