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Everything I say now is going to sound like a lie. But still listen.

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Do you feel hit? Good. For this is not just for Svein, Kari and Steigan.

According to UNICEF, vaccine opponents globally have increased their following by around 20 percent during the covid-19 pandemic. Svein Østvik tv and Kari Jaquesson were among the corona skeptics who demonstrated in front of the Storting on 1 May. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen

I pick up the phone and look at it again. Notifications. The one I’ve been waiting for.

Tonight it’s my turn. I have to get the sting in my arm, but it stings in my stomach. What if the staff makes a mistake? If I get side effects? Late injuries? Have I been tricked?

Doubt lurks, but is allowed to lie. Because I know that a gut feeling does not have access to countless research reports, to statistics, to professionals who say that it is wrong.

At of is wrong.

If one can be seduced by the denial of facts, can one be saved again? asks Ingeborg Senneset. Photo: Aftenposten

This is for you who used 1 May to mark vaccine resistance and anti-infection protection in front of the Storting. You who stood back to back with Holocaust deniers and an anti-Islamic organization.

You who raised the banner of freedom, even if the freedom you want, are from protection, not attack.

And it’s for you who are a nurse, just like me, and should know better. Still, you are spreading lies that the death toll from the vaccine now exceeds the death toll from covid-19.

And you, who quietly forward articles that “prove” that the coronavirus is not particularly dangerous. You who call yourself socially critical because you are against the authorities’ infection control measures, but are not critical of your own choice of sources.

You who think Bent Høie is “an idiot” and that you yourself are “vigilant” – do you really mean that 95 percent of the population sleeps?

Regardless. Everything I say now is probably going to sound like a lie to you. But still listen.

More like religion than direction

If one is to try to understand the forces that drive false, misleading and destructive “information” about vaccines, it is important to keep an eye on other anti-movements and extremes as well. But there is more.

Vaccine resistance is less and less similar to one direction and more and more to one religion. Faith can move mountains, and when it comes to just vaccines, it is a threat.

But if one can be seduced by the denial of facts, can one be saved again?

Look at one of America’s most notorious vaccine opponents, who dressed up as measles on Halloween because the potentially deadly childhood disease was “the least dangerous” she knew about.

Photo: Heather Simpson’s Facebook page (left) and Instagram

The mother of a small child has gone from spreading horror propaganda about the coronavirus to smiling at public photos while receiving her first dose of vaccine. The day before, her three-year-old daughter had received her very first vaccine, against polio.

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