Why is this 2004 Fabia Junior being sold for half a million?

Do you still remember the first generation Škoda Fabia in the Junior version?

It is a variant that the carmaker launched on the market in 2001 with a perfectly straightforward vision: as a basic model, it was supposed to appeal to customers who wanted a new Škoda for as little money as possible. And everything was subordinated to this mission.

For the sake of completeness, it should be added that the production of the Felicia model also ended in 2001, and the Fabia Junior was supposed to be its partial replacement. The standard Fabia was quite understandably more expensive compared to the Felicia. The car manufacturer from Mladá Boleslav solved the demand for a more affordable Škoda by “shaving” its new hatchback. And the brand could boast of a car “with a price from CZK 229,000”.

However, this amount was valid for the first five hundred customers, the regular price then amounted to CZK 249,000. But for example, the piece that Auto.cz tested in 2005 cost 224,900 CZK. So the price has changed over the years.

The engine was originally powered by a 37 kW liter four-cylinder engine, which took the car to a maximum speed of 147 km/h and reached 100 km/h in a long 21.6 seconds. For an additional fee of 10,000 crowns, interested parties could treat themselves to a 44 kW four-cylinder, later a 40 kW three-cylinder 1.2 HTP arrived.

Škoda also saved on equipment. Probably the best-known distinguishing feature of the Fabia Junior are the unpainted bumpers, and the absence of a lock on the passenger door and the trunk lid is also striking. By the way, there was not supposed to be a plato in the trunk as standard, but according to available information, a number of cars eventually got it at the dealers. The car stood on 13-inch steel wheels without covers and shod with 155/80 tires.

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Inside, the Junior was distinctly spartan, for example, instead of the classic lockable box in front of the passenger, it only had a “hole”. There was no power steering (but it was for an extra charge), an adjustable steering wheel and, in fact, everything that we consider to be comfort equipment.

Given the focus of Fabia Junior, we were surprised to come across in domestic advertising specimenwhich is on sale for half a million crowns. This is an extremely high amount for the first generation of a small hatchback – regardless of equipment and engine.

The reason for such a high price lies in the raid. The white piece from 2004 has managed only 2901 km so far, so from the point of view of kilometers it is practically a new car. And that it is preserved is also confirmed by the available photos of the chassis parts and the lower parts of the car. The drive is provided by a three-cylinder 1.2 HTP engine with an output of 40 kW.

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