Guitars and Microphones Stolen from Music Studios in Large Quantities

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There have been a remarkable number of burglaries in music studios lately. The police said that in the program Discovery Requested.

Several studio owners and musicians, including Kensington guitarist Casper Starreveld, have been robbed of valuable guitars and microphones in recent weeks. The police don’t have one yet perpetrators in the picture, but thinks they broke in with insider knowledge.

At a studio in Hoogeloon, the burglars entered the recording room through the window. At least eighty microphones were stolen there, with a combined value of 300,000 euros. “The stolen instruments will probably be put back on the market, we call on hobbyists and music studios to be extra alert online,” the police said.


Four guitars were stolen from Starreveld last month during a burglary in a studio in Benschop. “Three of them are very dear to me,” said Starreveld on tonight’s broadcast.

These are a unique red Gibson ES-335, a sunburst Fender Stratocaster and a black Gibson Les Paul. Starreveld calls it a great shame: “The guitars form the character of the band.”

“I think you can always build a new band with a different guitar, but that will take time,” he explains to NOS. “Somehow it also motivates to make new stories with new guitars.”

He also appeals to look out for his instruments, and for the equipment of the music studios: “I do believe in karma, that thief will probably step on a sharp piece of Lego.”

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