Tips for the best small cars under 50 thousand crowns. Reliable, practical and fun

In this price range, every crown saved is good, so it pays to avoid car dealerships and look more directly in private ads. This way you can also get to know the previous owner’s approach personally. The minicar category itself generally means low operating costs, agile driving characteristics and reliability, which, however, mainly depends on […]

Unusual first class Octavia 1.9 TDI for sale. It is said to have 304 horsepower!

The legendary 1.9 TDI engine, which appeared in a number of models of the Volkswagen concern, is not allowed by many drivers. This turbodiesel pays for an extremely reliable and economical engine, many drivers also appreciate its characteristic traction. But the engine was – and maybe still is – popular with various modifiers and car […]

Used car prices are falling, auto dealers report

According to the chief operating officer of AAA Auto, Petr Vaněček, during this year large retailers had to react to the consumer behavior of customers who ran into a certain price limit, beyond which they were no longer willing to go. Conversely, the price has gone up at dealerships that generally offer used cars that […]

BMW manager wants to extend appeal of older cars so people don’t have to buy new ones

BMW’s head of sustainability believes motorists should be able to extend the life and attractiveness of the cars they already own, instead of buying new models. And automakers should significantly help them with this. Monika Dernai, who leads BMW’s sustainability team, said at a recent conference in London that the auto industry could significantly reduce […]

Keep your cars for longer, says BMW’s sustainability manager

It would seem that the automaker will want to sell more and more new cars, and the statements of the management will correspond to this. Monika Dernaiová, Head of Sustainability at the German car manufacturer BMW, says otherwise: In her opinion, buying new cars is not desirable. “We have to think about extending the life […]