Why did they arrest Borisov? The idea is deeper

Valeri Naidenov

He became a victim of his agility and the international position

The arrest of Boyko Borissov is a bit ridiculous, if we think about it within the narrow framework of Bulgarian politics. Why do the authorities want to make him a hero at a time when their situation is shaken? Evil tongues call it great nonsense, but I respect power, so I try to uncover a deeper idea.

To uncover the deep design, we must place this surprising move in the context of the international situation. And what happens to him? Seeded by the tragedy in Ukraine, the international situation gives birth to a new international situation. The United States has forced the Old Continent to kneel down and give up its vast raw material colony, Russia.

From that moment on, Europe was doomed to impoverishment and decline, breathing the dust of Asia. She descends the stairs to the lower floor of the world hierarchy. From the metropolis to the periphery. And the most picturesque collapse of the status of European leader Germany. Giving up cheap Russian gas and other hydrocarbons, giving up both nuclear power plants and coal, it has nothing to rely on but animal power. Thus the former become the last, and the latter the first.

And which was the German party in our country? GERB, of course. It was, but it doesn’t seem to be anymore. Its two vice presidents, Tomislav Donchev and Daniel Mitov, have strong ties to the Open Society and the Democratic Party of the United States.

We arrest Borissov – and what’s left? “America for Bulgaria” remains. Instead of GERB, it should become GARB – Citizens for American Development of Bulgaria. We see that the arrest of Boyko Borissov was a sign of a radical change in the world system and Bulgarian politics in particular.

A dear guest at the GERB congress was Manfred Weber, who besides being chairman of the European People’s Party (EPP) is also among the leaders of the Bavarian party HSS, the Siamese twin of the HDZ. The Hans Seidel Foundation, which belongs to the HSS, played a crucial role in building GERB during the tripartite coalition. At that time, everything in our country was German – and the UDF / DSB were in the manger of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Simeon was and still is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and the newspapers were at the WAC.

Today, however, things turned around. We already know which embassy is pulling the strings, and it is not the German one.

So, at the congress, Manfred Weber embraced Boyko as an old and close ally. Two days later, Boyko Borissov was arrested as a mobster. Don’t you think this is a jester to Manfred Weber’s own reputation? No one is splitting the EPP or Germany anymore. I bet that if Mr. Borissov had hugged Mrs. Victoria Newland (US Deputy Secretary of State), Rashkov would not have handcuffed him. I would probably send him flowers.

But turning his party from pro-German to pro-American, Boyko Borissov twisted his favorite tactical move – outsmarting his opponent’s goat. He used a similar move in the summer, when he proposed to Slavi to introduce a majority vote. Slavi pulled away and his party collapsed.

And so it is now – Boyko said that Bulgaria should give Ukraine both planes and missiles. This happened just before the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin came to our country to ask for them, and the government of Kiril Petkov could hardly muster the courage to refuse.

Insidious! Jokes right in the faberge! By interfering between the PP and the United States at such a delicate time, Borissov made it clear that his government would be a more loyal ally of the United States than this hybrid group.

And Kiril Petkov was simply obliged to arrest him. There was no other useful move. He had to show Lloyd Austin that Borisov was a lame horse and should not be relied on. That in Bulgaria the USA does not have and cannot have a more faithful shepherd dog than PP.

Of course, the visit of EU Prosecutor Laura Coveschi made the situation even more international. Whether she encouraged the arrest or not, the arrangement is important. A landmark arrest between two landmark visits — and Christo couldn’t wrap it like that.

And how will this arrest affect domestic politics? The future will tell. At first glance, Borissov’s pro-American maneuver will cost him part of the electorate. Let’s not forget that he owes part of his rise to social nostalgia and fraternal friendship. When he rose to the political horizon, he went to the unveiling of Zhivkov’s monument in Pravets, projected “We Are Every Mile” in downtown Sofia, and gave Putin a puppy of his favorite breed. Then he moved in Merkel’s direction, and now he jumped across the ocean in one leap.

This was an ingenious foreign policy tactic, but whether it is a good domestic policy strategy remains to be seen. I have noticed that Bat Boyko masters the cast at the grandmaster level.

He could not help but realize that the love of the electorate is no longer as important as international priorities in the face of global change.

Our parties have so broken with the electorate that they have become like holograms that embassies project on the wall, on the ceiling, on the toilet bowl. There is nothing to prevent the pro-Russian party from becoming Russophobic and the conservative from becoming revolutionary. “We continue the change” is a virtual reality, it has no activists or structures. And as its leader says, it achieves left-wing goals with right-wing measures. A party with a future is one that has no past – either “Vazrazhdane”, or the unborn child of Stefan Yanev, or the new winner in “Bulgaria is looking for talent”. Bulgaria can look for it, but the international situation finds it. Seen from the bottom up, from the ordinary Bulgarian’s point of view, this may seem strange and confusing. In Ukraine there is a roar, in Bulgaria Bat’Boyko is arrested, in Saudi Arabia 80 dissidents were hanged at once, and in the turmoil Asen Vassilev reported that the contract for gas supplies from Russia will not be extended.

And everything fell into place. So, we have already lost two world wars together with Germany, why not lose the third?

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