IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Who will win the Loyal d’or at the Bayeux International Circus Festival?

The winners of the 2022 edition of the Bayeux International Circus Festival will be known in a few hours. On Sunday March 20, 2022, the trophies will be awarded during the closing evening, from 5 p.m.

Unlike other festivals, in Bayeux, it is the public who votes to designate the artists they have preferred.

Here is a small review (and in pictures) of the eleven numbers in competition.

Michel Palmer: the presenter


Michel Palmer dons the costume of Mr. Loyal a second time, to ensure the presentation. © West-France

Michel Palmer returns for a second edition. Since 2019, he has been the Ringmaster of this festival.

Sachah Houcke: the festival regular

photo"> photo regular at the bayeux circus festival, ?sacha houcke is celebrating his 71st birthday and his sixty years spent on the track with a cavalry.  © ouest-france/stéphane geufroi

Accustomed to the Bayeux Circus Festival, Sacha Houcke is celebrating his 71st birthday and his sixty years spent on the track with a cavalry. © Ouest-France/Stéphane Geufroi

This year, pachyderms and big cats are absent. The opportunity to see Sacha Houcke’s cavalry again. A regular at the festival, this horse trainer comes to celebrate his 71st birthday and his sixty years spent on the track. Visibly in love with those with whom he shares the limelight, the trainer presents his horses aged 7 to 25 one by one, while revealing their character to the public.

The hand to hand of the Cubans of the Duo Dadiva

photo"> photo the cuban duo dádiva combines hand to hand and rola-rola.  © ouest-france/stéphane geufroi

The Cuban duo Dádiva associates main to Main and rola-rola. © Ouest-France/Stéphane Geufroi

This year, no fewer than 19,000 spectators are expected for this 9e edition after a three-year hiatus due to the health crisis.

Birds by Andrejs Fjodrovs

photo"> photo Latvian artist, andrejs fjodrovs, pigeon trainer.  © ouest-france/stéphane geufroi

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Latvian artist, Andrejs Fjodrovs, pigeon trainer. © Ouest-France/Stéphane Geufroi

With his thirty pigeons, the Latvian artist Andrejs Fjodorovs presents one of the only two animal acts of the festival. A show that reveals exceptional trainer skills. The man manages to orchestrate, in a meticulous choreography, the flights of about thirty pigeons to make an astonishing number… and explosive.

photo"> photo ukrainian artem lyubanevych, on his aerial mast.  © ouest-france/stéphane geufroi

Ukrainian Artem Lyubanevych, on his aerial mast. © Ouest-France/Stéphane Geufroi

The last performances of the festival will take place this Saturday, March 19, at 8:45 p.m. and Sunday, March 20, 2022, at 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

The juggler François Borie

photo"> photo the french juggler françois borie.  © ouest-france/stéphane geufroi

French juggler Francois Borie. © Ouest-France/Stéphane Geufroi

François Borie is able to fly both hats and skittles. The juggler is the only French artist in competition.

Housch ma Housch: the clown

photo"> photo the clown housch my housch brings a universe of its own.  © ouest-france/stéphane geufroi

The clown Housch ma Housch brings a universe of its own. © Ouest-France/Stéphane Geufroi

The clown Housch ma Housch is the headliner of this 9e editing. Dressed in black, like straight out of a Tim Burton film, the man is rather frightening, but the clown very quickly becomes irresistible.

Gerling’s Troup’s Wheel of Death

photo"> photo argentinian duo gerling's troup on the wheel of death.  © ouest-france/stéphane geufroi

Argentinian duo Gerling’s Troup on the wheel of death. © Ouest-France/Stéphane Geufroi

Hand to hand with Alex and Lisa

photo"> photo the hand-to-hand act of alex and lisa, two ukrainian artists.  © ouest-france/stéphane geufroi

The hand-to-hand act of Alex and Lisa, two Ukrainian artists. © Ouest-France/Stéphane Geufroi

Duo Baziliy on the trapeze

photo"> photo the duo baziliy, they are ukrainian twins on a swinging trapeze.  © ouest-france/stéphane geufroi

The Duo Baziliy are Ukrainian twins on a swinging trapeze. © Ouest-France/Stéphane Geufroi

Kimberly and Holler’s skates

photo"> photo of kimberly and holler with their roller skating number.  © ouest-france/stéphane geufroi

Kimberly and Holler with their roller skating act. © Ouest-France/Stéphane Geufroi

There are still a few places left to attend the last performances, this Saturday, March 19, 2022 at 8:45 p.m. and Sunday at 5 p.m. Ticket rentals on

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