When will the Pfizer vaccine for Corona be available to people?

The US company Pfizer’s experiments proved Pfizer And her German partner Biontec BioNTech The effectiveness of the new Corona vaccine is more than 90%, but there are still many questions about the study, which has not yet been completed, and Pfizer has not published any of its data, nor has it sent it to review doctors and scientists from other parties or to regulatory authorities for approval, which is This means that it may take months before a vaccine becomes available for many people.

And the American “Insider” website quoted what experts said about that it is too early to know when the vaccine will be widely available for a sufficient number of people to ensure the disposal of masks and social distancing to fight Corona.

Experts said that it is unlikely that the vaccine will affect our lives in the near future, so it will not make a difference in travel plans or meeting the family until 2021. They added, “We will continue to wear masks and social distancing during the Christmas celebrations.”

While the news for the Pfizer vaccine is promising, it remains imperative to continue taking precautions for the foreseeable future, according to Leslie McClure, professor of biostatistics and chair of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Drexel University, who specializes in clinical trial research.

And she advised that for the upcoming holiday season, everyone should continue to social distancing, wear a mask around other people, and meet outdoors whenever possible.


The vaccine has some time ahead of him

The vaccine still faces a long process of review and approval, Inc. Pfizer To request emergency approval, but it will need to collect more data to do so, and that will not be available until the end of November, leaving only another four weeks of 2020 for regulatory approval and getting the supply chain moving.

“It’s very unlikely that it will be widely available by the end of this year, even if everything is passing as quickly as possible,” McClure said.



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