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When internet users hijack the story of the cyclist who knee a little girl in the Fagnes (photos)

The images of this five-year-old girl jostled by a cyclist on a path in the Hautes Fagnes have circulated widely on social networks, where some Internet users do not lack inspiration to hijack the scene.

It all started with a video posted on Facebook by an angry dad. We see her family walking in the snow in the Fens on Christmas Day, in particular her little daughter Neïa, five years old. At one point, a cyclist approaches the small group, arriving behind Neïa. The man rings his doorbell to signal his presence, but the little girl obviously does not hear him and while trying to make his way next to her, the cyclist knocks him on the back. Neïa then falls to the ground, and the video ends there, with daddy’s cries.

Angry, the child’s father therefore posted the video of the incident on Facebook, which sparked offended reactions. Shared thousands of times, the story of the “cyclist of the Fens” has toured the country (and even crossed our borders!). Finally found by the police, the 61-year-old man has spent a night in the cell and even risks up to a year in prison.

In view of the extent of this story, Internet users did not hesitate to divert the images of the incident. On Twitter, they had fun making edits by placing the cyclist in different contexts.

It is not the imagination that is lacking on Twitter, because other Internet users also imagine that the cyclist of the Fagnes is one of the killers of Brabant or the future central character of a horror film.

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