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Destiny Child Fabulous Plus MV released

Shift-up (CEO Hyung-myung Kim) released the music video of the new song’Nostalgia (nostalgia)’ of the idol group’Fabulous Plus’ of its mobile game’Destiny Child’ on the 30th.

‘Fabulous Plus’ is a virtual idol group that appeared in commemoration of the 1st anniversary of Destiny Child. Five children of’Neptune’,’Mars’,’Venus’,’Saturn’, and’Aria’ return with new songs after 3 years. In particular,’Nostalgia’ attracted more attention by singing songs by voice actors who actually took on the roles such as Jang Ye-na and Sam Moon-young.

From the 31st, Shift-up plans to update World Boss contents with’Fabulous Plus’ as the main character, and sell commemorative goods such as acrylic figures and desk pads.

Minjae Paik, reporter of Hankyung.com Gametalk

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