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Updated 03/04/2021 01:32 pm

Registration in the application WhatsApp It is done with the phone number that the company gave you. This is a fairly secure way to prevent someone from accessing your account from another mobile device; however, there is a detail that may alert you.

Did you know that when you buy a new phone number you can come across an account already registered on WhatsApp? The same company affirms that this is possible and is due to the fact that normally the operators give a telephone number that has stopped being used, basically a recycling system.

As expected, this number will feature the previous owner’s contacts and chats, but there’s nothing to worry about.

“This just means that the old account was not deleted and therefore there is old information in the system. This does not mean that the old account holder has access to the WhatsApp account that you activate on your phone with your new phone number. Your conversations and WhatsApp data are safe. ”, Explains the developer of the application.

What should I do if my phone number is already registered in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp notes that the account is inactive after 45 days in which it is not used.

“To eliminate confusion regarding recycled numbers, we reviewed an account for inactivity. After 45 days of inactivity, if an account is activated again on a new device, we treat it as a new account with a recycled number. In this case, we delete the data from the old account, such as the profile photo and the info. “, Details WhatsApp.

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Of course, in case you receive messages from friends or contacts of the previous owner of the number, simply ignore them or warn that the number no longer belongs to him.

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