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WhatsApp: how to listen to an audio before sending it?

When recording audios on WhatsApp, it is sometimes difficult to listen to them before sending them, but with this trick you can make sure of what you have said. Read: WhatsApp: How to delete my account?

This trick does not need external applications since only the messaging application is enough so it is necessary to pay attention and apply it when necessary.

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To listen to a voice message before sending it on WhatsApp, what you have to do is simple. The steps are the following:

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  1. What you must do is enter WhatsApp and select the contact to whom you want to send the voice message.
  2. While recording your voice message, you must slide your finger up to select the voice audio lock. At the end of the recording, what you have to do is simply return to the chat menu with the back button of your cell phone or with the return option found in the interface of the application.
  3. Go back to the chat and you will see that your message is in draft and now you will be able to hear what you said in the audio.
  4. If you wish, send the message, or delete it with the option to delete that is with the symbol of a trash can.

This way you can make an audio, listen to it before sending and make sure that your message is understandable to the receiver.

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