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Controversy over non-payment of fees, Google removed several Indian applications from the Play Store

Google has removed some of India’s most important applications from the Play Store over its payment issue, sparking a fresh row between the Indian government and Google.
According to news agency Reuters, Google on Friday removed India’s popular matrimonial app ‘Bharat Matri Muni’ as well as job search app ‘Nukri’ from its Play Store.
Google says that these applications did not follow the guidelines regarding payment of service fees due to which they have been removed from the Play Store.
India’s Information Technology Minister Ashwani Vaishnu rejected Google’s move, saying that such removal of applications from the App Store would not be allowed.
He said that he has already spoken to Google and I will also speak to the startups that need to be protected in the country.
Google has yet to comment on the matter.
The removal of the application from the Play Store has been criticized by several startup companies that have long protested against Google’s modus operandi and even challenged it in the courts.
Google says this service fee is used to improve the Play Store and the Android ecosystem.
Some Indian startups had approached the court against the 11-26 percent service fee charged by Google, but in January and February this year, two Indian courts, including the Supreme Court, upheld Google’s charge of this fee. Permission was granted.
In this regard, Google had said in a statement on Friday that some Indian companies receiving huge amounts of money as payments had decided not to pay us fees out of that amount.
The most affected in this regard is the wedding company ‘Matri Money.com’ whose more than 150 applications have been removed from the Play Store by Google.
“All our applications have been removed and are no longer available on the Play Store,” Mauro Gavel Janaki Raman, founder of Matri Money.com, told news agency Reuters on Saturday. do not have.
He said that if all this continues for a long time, our profits will decrease significantly.
Apart from this, the popular application ‘Job’ and a real estate application have also been removed by Google from the Play Store.

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