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“What The Car?”: New Release for Steam Announced by Triband

The latest work in the “What The Games” series “WHAT THE CAR?” was released as a new work for Apple’s subscription service “Apple Arcade” in May last year, but Triband has newly released this work.SteamAn announcement trailer for the Steam version has been released, which announces support and introduces a variety of stages and chaotic gameplay that completely overturns the concept of cars.

As of now, the specific release schedule for the Steam version of “WHAT THE CAR?” has not been disclosed, and further information is awaited.


Not your typical racing game

You are a car, but you have legs instead of tires! Race through hundreds of unique levels as you jump, fly with a jetpack, climb buildings, deliver packages, and do many other things that cars can’t do.

Tip: Look for hidden shortcuts and avoid explosives

exploring the world

It’s not just the race. Explore many islands, find new friends, hidden treasures, and solve quirky puzzles.

Hint: Be careful behind the waterfall!

Come on, let’s get serious

Grilling hamburgers, fishing, swimming, and singing karaoke!

Tip: Don’t try to talk to the laser cow

create your own stage

Create your own quirky stages, share them with friends and family, or climb the leaderboards of quirky stages created by other players.

Tip: Add a cute bear and a speed pad to look great every time!

Disclaimer: This game is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to improve your driving skills in any way. In fact, none of the development team owns a car.

Spoiler (not a spoiler): A spoiler is something that is attached to the back of a car to make it look cool…I knew it! ?

Information source and image:Steam

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