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Coach Vladimir Petkovic has now been in charge of the Girondins de Bordeaux team for more than a month. After 5 games, we tried to decipher the game plan of the former Nati coach.

Difficult finding

In 5 matches, Bordeaux has lost 3 times, including twice at home (Clermont, Lens) against teams who played in Ligue 2 recently. Bordeaux obtained two draws (Marseille, Angers) and fortunately released their point counter. However, this is insufficient because no team does worse than the Girondins. Petkovic’s team is last in Ligue 1 with two small points.

Bordeaux concedes more than two goals per game

Worse, the team conceded 12 goals in just 5 games (2.4 goals per game conceded). The goal difference is -7. At this rate, it’s heading to Ligue 2 in 8 months.

No readable game plan

If these first results were accompanied by ideas for a game, a game project as they say, “the pill” would go better. However, today, it is difficult to read on the ground what the coach wants to put in place.

For 5 matches, he constantly or almost changes his organization. When he stabilized his system in 532 against Marseille and Angers, the team took points.

However, against Nice he aligns an organization in 4-3-3, with a midfield to three to integrate Fransergio. Ditto against Lens yesterday afternoon. Thus, during his two meetings, he changes everything at half-time, but it’s too late. In Nice, Bordeaux are led 3-0 at the break, and against Lens, Bordeaux is led 2-0 at halftime. Under these conditions, it becomes mission impossible to take points. It is a statement of failure.

If he has extenuating circumstances (recruitment and taking over of the late team), the coach seems lost. However, Vladimir Petkovic will have to quickly find a game organization to stop the bleeding.

Learning Ligue 1 for recruits

Another notable point of this international recruitment, neither the coach nor the recruits knew Ligue 1 before playing for the Girondins: Mensah, Mangas, Elis, Fransergio, Dilrosun discover the championship. Onana (1 L1 game to his credit), and Pembélé (6 L1 games to his credit) are also inexperienced at this level. This is a reality, so it is necessary to give them time to adapt.

As you can see, a race against the clock is underway for the Girondins who must not be too late for the ignition. The important thing now is to define a game plan for the club and stick to it.

Of course, Gérard Lopez did not take over the club to go down sportingly the following season, and we should not be alarmist. However, if we have to allow time for the sports project to set up, we must react and take points very quickly at the risk of falling into a negative spiral.

The Girondins multiply the tracks in attack: Bony, Jóhannsson, Diallo, Niang



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