First sentence in Barcelona for the dispute between separated parents over the covid vaccine

  • A judge agrees with the mother, in favor of immunizing her children

A family judge has dictated the first sentence in Barcelona about the dispute of some separated parents on account of putting the covid vaccine her two children, ages 15 and 16. According to the newspaper ‘Ara’, the magistrate of the court of first instance 51 of Barcelona has given the reason to the mother, in favor of immunizing her children and carrying out PCR tests, against the father who was against both things. In her resolution, after listening to all the parties, assessing the documentation and jurisprudence on the subject, the magistrate has considered that the most “beneficial” thing for the two adolescents is that the mother makes the decision.

According to the sentence, the two minors may be vaccinated and have PCR. In the case of the oldest, it will be he who has the last word because the law empowers minors between 16 and 18 years of age to decide for themselves in this matter.

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The father expressed his rejection of vaccination due to “uncertainty” about the efficacy of the vaccines and possible reactions. His children explained to the judge that they did not want to be vaccinated because the father told them about the “negative effects” of vaccines, although they did not know what those effects were. According to the resolution, the father did not argue his opposition to the vaccine “beyond information that he seems to have collected on the internet and social networks“.

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The judge in the case, Eva Atarés, wanted to make clear in statements to the newspaper ‘Ara’ that the judges cannot or cannot authorize the administration of a vaccine, but rather decide which of the two parents has the power to decide, taking into account I count the benefit of minors.

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