What is the Ikea secondary market where to buy furniture from 30 to 50% of the initial price

With the program called “Buy Back”, which we dealt with in another study IKEA launches an interesting initiative extended to the territories of 27 countries. The Swedish house, in fact, will take back used Ikea furniture from customers, with a dual objective. That is to say, repaying reseller customers with shopping vouchers, valid for a period of two years, and re-selling used Ikea at super affordable prices. A perfect example of circular economy, where everything or almost everything can have a second life, with a consequent reduction in terms of the environmental impact of otherwise discarded items. So let’s see, in more detail, what is the secondary Ikea market where to buy furniture from 30 to 50% of the initial price.

The resale channels

As anticipated, the circular economy sales plan is widespread on a large scale. As for the Italian territory of our most immediate interest, we point out the following. First of all, the initiative will kick off in all 21 Ikea stores. For this purpose, a dedicated window has been set up on the Ikea home page. It will therefore be sufficient to connect to the “As-Is” section of the shops or “Give your Ikea furniture a second life” to view the conditions of the service. Once the furniture has passed the scrutiny of the examiners who will have to test its state of maintenance, the last phase will be activated. That is to say the application of the price and the inclusion of furniture and furnishings in the secondary market. To view the furniture that will be resold at 30 to 50% of the original price, just go to the “Occasion Corner” of the various stores. Let’s now see which products can be purchased.

The products put up for sale

It should also be noted that not all furniture can be returned for the «buy back». Among the so-called “suitable” products, the following must be included:

a) shelving and bookcases;

b) desks, tables and small tables;

c) chairs, stools and benches;

d) non-modular cabinets (with specific dimensions, please refer to the official page);

e) chest of drawers and bedside tables;

f) trolleys and buffets;

g) outdoor furniture;

h) bed structures for children and cots.

The furniture will also be already assembled and assembled.

Circular economy

The operation will start in different ways in the various countries involved. As far as Italy is concerned, the campaign goes by the name of GreenFriday and will take place over a specific period of time. That is to say from 27 November to 6 December 2020. Watch out, therefore, on these dates also because there could be interesting opportunities. As anticipated, not everything will be put back on sale, but only the second hand that meets certain quality standards. So the articles “as new” that is without even a scratch will be put on sale at 50%.

Items that are still good but with some scratches will instead receive 40% of the original price. If, on the other hand, there are more scratches and marks, the price will drop to 30% of the original one. So there is a little bit for all needs, with guaranteed quality standards. So here is the Ikea secondary market where to buy furniture from 30 to 50% of the initial price.

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