what happens in February

If you made the financial effort to buy a PlayStation 5 and you got where, Sony comes with very good news. It is clear that he is trying to redeem his mistakes related to the availability of the console.

If you subscribe to PlayStation Plus, Sony’s online service that facilitates online gaming on company consoles, you will receive three games for free in February of this year. You can add all three to the bookstore starting February 2nd.

These are Control: Ultimate Edition, Destruction AllStars and Concrete Genie. It is important to note that Destuction AllStars will only be available to owners of PlayStation 5. At the same time, this version of Control, called Ultimate Edition, also comes with a visual upgrade for those who got their hands on the next-gen console from Sony. In addition, it has all the DLC included in the Season Pass, given that the original game was released on August 27, 2019.

Control illustrates the almost strange part of generosity that I mentioned above. Not for nothing, but it costs 200 lei in our stores and even Sony sells it to you through PlayStation Store for 189 lei. In the context in which you give only 40 lei on PS Plus for a month or 269 lei for a year, this is really an unbeatable offer and an extra reason to subscribe.

A bit sad is the situation of those who bought Control Ultimate Edition for 200 lei and did not play it because they waited for the February update of the title that makes it take full advantage of the hardware possibilities of PS5, including Ray Tracing. They are probably not very happy with this offer.

Last but not least, if you hurry a little, until February 1, PlayStation Plus subscribers can add three more titles to their library, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Greedfall and, exclusively for PS5, a shark simulator called Maneater.

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