Silent for 4 consecutive games, Son Heung-min, the gap between Salah and 3 goals

[스포츠조선 김 용 기자] The missing score of Son Heung-min, Mohamed Salah flees.

Tottenham Son Heung-min was silent again. Meanwhile, Sala, a scoring title contender, fled.

Tottenham was overwhelmed by an opponent in the relegation zone in an away match against Brighton in the 2020-2021 season against Brighton at Amex Stadium in Brighton on the 1st (Korea time), losing 0-1. The score was one point difference, but in the context of the match, it was a shameful match against Brighton.

Son Heung-min was at the forefront of the attack on behalf of Harry Kane, who had been injured. However, he couldn’t show anything like this. Throughout the game, I had to continue a difficult game with a frowned face.

Son Heung-min had a hard time hitting a proper shot this day. Of course there was no attack point. After having scored the 12th goal in the season against Leeds United on the 2nd of last month, they have remained silent for 4 consecutive games.

Meanwhile, Salah ran away. Salah led the team’s 3-on-1 victory by scoring multi-goals in the match against West Ham on the same day. It was the 14th and 15th goal of the season. The gap with Son Heung-min, second place scorer, has been increased to three goals.

Reporter Kim Yong


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