Wedding at first sight: Radek is satisfied, Simona gives the relationship a chance

“I’m sick of my nerves,” admitted Simona, the waiting bride, (29). She waited for the ceremony for several hours due to the rain, and finally the ceremony moved inside. “I hope he likes me and when he sees me, he’ll say – yeah, that’s her,” she dreamed.

At first glance, Radek’s bride (32) certainly did not disappoint. “When I saw her coming, I didn’t believe it could affect me at all. I’m afraid I won’t like her. She’ll come like a higher league. I would never dare to do it normally,” the groom admitted.

“Radek looks like a good man, I see goodness in his eyes. I wouldn’t choose him on the street at first glance, but I’m open to knowing him from within,” she accepted Simon’s invitation. The psychologist Szabados, one of the experts who put couples together, also advised her.

“He’s a great guy and you can see that he has a nice heart. I was also interested in the general outlook,” Simča added. Radek knows history and likes to tell others about it, which was already evident at the wedding table. Simon seems to be impressed.

After the wedding night, the newlyweds went on their honeymoon to Lisbon, Portugal. So far, the pair understand each other. Radek is very good, gentleman and has a sense of humor, and Simon appreciates all that. And he also talks a lot, mostly about historical stories.

“Simona is the first person in my life who hasn’t told me to keep quiet yet,” Radek said of Simona’s ability to listen. “You should go teach history. You can present everything in an interesting way, children would definitely eat you, “she encouraged him. Courier Radek probably needed someone like that.

You can watch the wedding at first sight every Wednesday at 20:20 on TV Nova! If you missed the episode, you can find it at Nova Plus. Viewers can watch the show 7 days before it airs on TV Voyo.

Simona and Radek were guests of Breakfast with Nova on Wednesday morning. Watch the video:

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