Wearing a Mask Makes People Keep Their Distance

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Education the latest shows wear face mask more effective in making people maintain social distancing when compared to when they are not wearing a mask. This method is effective in preventing the spread of corona virus infections (covid-19)

This research from the University of Padua, Italy, analyzes people’s behavior in maintaining distance and wearing masks. Researchers use measuring devices that contain sensors to determine closeness with others. This study measured more than 12 thousand meetings with others.

The results of this study found that when people don’t wear masks, they tend not to keep their distance or get very close to other people. Conversely, when someone wears a mask, they keep almost twice the distance or in accordance with the directions of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Researchers explain this is because wearing a mask increases awareness and also warns others that there are risks and dangers that threaten.

“Wearing a mask sends visual reminders to others to keep their distance,” explained researcher Massimo Marchiori, quoted from the Health Line health site.

Other studies have shown wearing masks and keeping a distance are effective co-19 precautions. Studies published in The Lancet show the possibility of virus transmission reaching 12.8 percent at a distance of less than 1 meter.

The transmission dropped to 2.6 percent when implementing physical distancing at a distance of more than 1 meter. Social distancing at a distance of 2 meters will be more effective in preventing transmission of the virus.

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While the chance of transmitting the virus will reach 17.4 percent when someone is not wearing a mask. However, the chance drops to 3.1 percent when someone wears a mask.

Combining these two methods of prevention: wearing a mask and keeping a distance will further reduce the risk of corona virus transmission.

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