“We got a fortune” … World health experts are arriving at the Wuhan Institute to determine the Corona facility

WHO experts arrived, this morning, Wednesday, to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, for a visit as part of an investigation they are conducting to determine the origin of the virus Corona In this city in central China.Add an advertisement

This institute contains many laboratories surrounded by tight security measures, in which researchers conduct tests on viruses of the Corona strain, according to Agence France-Presse.

All questions are raised
A member of the expert mission, Peter Dashak, told reporters upon arriving by car at the entrance to the institute that the mission, consisting of ten researchers, “expects a very fruitful day and that it will pose all the questions that should be asked.”

The Corona virus appeared for the first time in the world in Wuhan in December 2019.

Information that no one has seen before
The World Health Organization team in Wuhan, which is investigating the origins of Covid-19, says that they “are getting data (that no one has seen before and really reach a conclusion), and they have not ruled out the possibility of the virus escaping from the laboratory,” according to the British “Sky News” network.

And Peter Dashak said in an interview with the British network, “We are witnessing new and good information. It is very valuable things … that have begun to help us look at the correct directions for this virus.”

He added, “We in the market look around on our own and ask questions. We meet with market managers, with vendors who worked there and people from the community and ask them questions.”

Quality of information about Corona
He continued, “We are talking to people who collected samples from the market floor and then the test result came out positive .. This is the kind of information we get with the people who are really involved.”

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“There are a few clues that we find here and there in the wealth of data … I think China is open and ready to work with us and we are witnessing that every day,” Dashak said.

Corona will not end
Dashak concluded, “We will get there and at the end of this mission will issue a report that contains some indications of the most likely scenarios … But even if the original is discovered, the new variants of the virus mean that we will live with Corona forever … but we will reconcile with that … it will be … We have an effective vaccine and we are getting an alternative to escape and we will amend the vaccine, “according to the British” Sky News “.

China waited more than a year before authorizing the World Health Organization to send this mission, whose members were forced to undergo a 14-day quarantine, before they began their work last week.


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