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‘We cannot lose our son Chris’: a cry of pain and a race against time to cover the high cost of treatment

Chris Al-Kik, aged 4 years and 3 months, faces a genetic disease that may steal his life if he does not receive the required treatment, after it changed his life and hampered his movement, while hampering his family with the difficult treatment and the cost of the imaginary operation that It amounts to $3 million.

His parents, Michel and Imad, shed tears while filming a video to launch his fundraising campaign. It is not easy for them to fight this fierce battle with life. Chris’s baby-faced laugh makes you look at him with love, and prevents you from passing over his story unnoticed. He needs every person, and every amount, no matter how small, to achieve the desired goal and cover the cost of treatment.

His parents were not waiting to hear the medical diagnosis, but there was no escaping the truth; Chris suffers from a genetic disease called Duchenne muscular dystrophy, or what is known as “Duchenne muscular dystrophy.” It is a hereditary genetic disorder that appears in the form of weakness, atrophy, and continuous deterioration in the health of the body’s muscles, including the heart muscle.

His mother, Michelle, begins her speech with a painful statement: “I will not let the disease steal my son from me.” Her burning is great and she will not give up. She confirms that she will fight until her last breath to secure the cost of her son’s treatment, which he must undergo before he turns five years old. Its treatment is a gene therapy given in the form of a single injection. It is true that the amount is very expensive ($3 million), but my son’s life is in danger.”

His father, Imad, confirms that “the most difficult thing is for a father to lose his child,” then he turns to charitable people with an appeal: “Please help me. I hope that no father will go through this experience that I am going through today. All I want is to cover the cost of treatment, as I dream of sharing a lot with him.” One of the things is that I attend his graduation and his wedding day.”

Michel and Emad are waiting for any help that can make a difference in Chris’ treatment. If anyone wants to help, please call the following numbers:

Michelle Ain Malak (Chris’s mother): 96170841353

Imad Al-Kik (Chris’s father): 96171976965

2023-11-24 13:31:00

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