Wax figures to create atmosphere in a New York restaurant


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If the pandemic forces to reduce capacity in restaurants, that is not a reason for the interiors to look soulless. At least that is what they believe in Peter Lunger Steak House, a Brooklyn restaurant that has chosen to place wax figures of famous people to avoid the image of empty tables.

If you’ve always dreamed of having breakfast with Audrey Hepburn in diamonds, your chance has come. The New York brasserie Peter Luger Steak House has decided to use wax figures of popular characters to give atmosphere to the premises despite the reduction of its capacity to 35% due to anti-Covid regulations. Through a collaboration with the Madame Tussauds wax museum, this restaurant will have on display for a few days wax figures of characters as charismatic as Audrey Hepburn herself or actor John Hamm characterized as Don Draper, from the series “Mad Men” .

The initiative has had a great impact on social networks, in part due to the support that presenter Jimmy Fallon offered the restaurant with the hashtag #supportyourlocalrestaurants. Fallon is a neighbor of Brooklyn, where the restaurant is located, and he came with the intention of being able to dine with himself, since among the wax figures that the place exhibits is his.

The return to activity for New York restaurants is not being easy and therefore restaurateurs try to offer imaginative solutions to attract as many customers as possible.


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