Galicia does not stop the contagion curve | Radio Galicia

The curve of the coronavirus in Galicia draws an ascending line that grows every day at a faster rate. The sprouts multiply throughout Galicia, increases hospital pressure with two more patients in ICUIn total, 12 people need intensive care, another 70 remain hospitalized.

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, ensures that the level of hospitalization is moderate, well below the worst days of the pandemic.

The week begins with a new rebound in coronavirus cases in Galicia. There are 2452 infections. Santiago is the health area that grows the most, among other reasons, for a outbreak detected at the Post Office automated processing center in Lavacolla. There are 6 positives in a workforce of 170 workers.

The CGT union denounces a lack of transparency and accuses the Correos management of not adopting the necessary preventive measures.

The management of the sanitary area of ​​Santiago has just reported 11 new positives in the outbreak linked to a group of Melide’s friends, and there is an infected worker in the Volta do Castro nursing home in Santiago. PCR tests have been carried out on the 131 residents and 162 workers of the center, in the next few hours the result of these tests will be reported.

In A coruña The number of positives continues to grow, although the level of contagion has slowed. They are 1236 positives in that area, half of all cases detected in Galicia.

The health minister today asked the municipalities of the metropolitan area to increase controls in social centers and to close parks and beaches at night to avoid large bottles.

And in Ferrol, there is an outbreak in the Architect Marcide hospital. There are three infected toilets and a score remain isolated. As there are no professionals to replace them, it has been decided to block 23 beds on the fifth floor of the hospital.

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