Warning for women .. Sugar and bread cause insomnia at night

Source: London – Arabic Net

A recent medical study showed that eating sugar and white bread can increase the risk of insomnia in women at night, especially in women who are old. The study concluded that it is necessary to adopt a diet that avoids excessive bread and sugar in order to maintain better health and have more sleep.

The scientists who conducted the study in New York City in the United States found that eating sugar, bread and carbohydrates, which leads to high levels of sugar in the blood, causes the body to stimulate a stimulant hormone that causes the person to wake up, and therefore the chances of developing insomnia at night increase.

The study, whose results were published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” and viewed by “Al Arabiya.net”, that eating sugar and bread by women of advanced age increases the risk of developing insomnia at night by more than 16%.

American scientists conducted this study on a sample that included more than 50 thousand women who are in the mid-sixties, when changes in their bodies were monitored when they increased their intake of sugar and carbohydrates. The study concluded that high blood sugar deprived many women of sleep at night .

Scientists also found that insomnia caused by high blood sugar leads to a significant increase in a person’s appetite for eating, which leads him to eat more food during the night, leading to worse health outcomes, as blood sugar levels rise more and more.

“Our findings mean that it is necessary to adopt a healthy diet by people who suffer from insomnia and irregular sleep at night,” said Dr. James Gangwish, a Columbia University psychologist.

He continued: “Avoiding insomnia is another new reason that prompts us to recommend avoiding sweets, as well as avoiding them leads to controlling excess weight.”

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