The former head of Nissan fled from Japan in a box and with mercenaries.

Former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn was taken out of Japan, where he was held under house arrest awaiting trial on charges of financial misconduct in a box for transporting musical instruments. His escape was carried out by a group of certain mercenaries, writes Gulf News with reference to the Lebanese MTV channel.

According to him, the mercenaries got into the home of Gon in Japan under the guise of musicians and took him in one of the boxes. The top manager was brought to a small airport in the province, from where he flew to Turkey, after which he went to Lebanon in a private plane. According to the press, Ghos could not cross the border legally, since all three of his passports – Lebanese, French and Brazilian – are held by lawyers.

It is reported that in Lebanon, the top manager met with President Michel Naim Aun and received security guarantees from the state. Ghosn is a citizen of this country and is highly respected there. In addition, as MTV notes, there is no extradition agreement between Lebanon and Japan.

Ghosn himself, in a brief statement circulated on December 31, confirmed that he was in Lebanon and emphasized that he would “no longer be held hostage by falsified Japanese justice.” “I didn’t run away from justice – I ran away from injustice and political persecution,” he added.

Carlos Ghosn was detained in the fall of 2018, he was detained several times and released on bail, the last time – in March 2019. Under bail conditions, he is prohibited from leaving Japan, contacting his wife Carol and the heads of Nissan dealerships in Oman and Lebanon. He is accused of concealing income in the amount of $ 80 million and that he transferred personal losses to Nissan for $ 16 million. Ghosn did not admit the charge.

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