Huawei explodes, despite the US sanctions and embargo

Its profits grew 18% in 2019


Huawei Technologies announced today, Tuesday, to achieve record profits this year despite the decision of the United States and a number of its allies to impose a ban on the Chinese company.

“Despite the concerted efforts of the US government to demolish us, we have achieved what we want on the other side, and we have continued to create value for our customers,” said Eric Shaw, the company’s chairman, Eric Shaw, in a message through the company’s official accounts on social media for the New Year. News agencies.

Xu said that Huawei’s sales revenue this year will exceed 850 billion yuan (122 billion dollars), an increase of nearly 18 percent annually.

Xu admitted that these numbers are lower than the company’s initial estimates, and Huawei’s revenue increased in 2018 by 19.5% annually.

It is noteworthy that the United States placed Huawei, the largest telecommunications equipment company and the second largest smartphone maker in the world, on the blacklist last May, which imposes strong restrictions on US companies ’dealings with the Chinese company, including the supply of components and the use of Applications and operating systems.

The US administration says that Huawei’s equipment represents a threat to the national security of the world, as the Chinese government can use this equipment to spy on users, which the Chinese company totally denies.

In his message, Shaw did not expect the company to be removed from the US blacklist, warning that 2020 “will be a difficult year.”

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