Walking every day makes us happy as well as being good for our health

The walk is good for ours mind, helps to improve mood. It allows you to relax and if the pace of walking is sustained, serotonin, the happiness hormone, is released. In this moment without stimuli, forced to reduce our leisure activities, walking is the only thing still allowed.

Closed but not too much

The aperitifs and cinemas that enlivened our weekend evenings are suspended. Those who have a job do it at home. We must avoid spending the whole day inside, closed, risking that our mood may feel a drop of melancholy or restlessness. Walking is also used to combat health problems such as circulatory problems and diabetes. Walking is also good for the gut. We can also stock up on vitamin D. Last and not least, think about our figure, which also helps us to feel good if we are agile and lean. It has been established that half an hour of brisk walking will lead us to a decent 100-120 calorie consumption.

Walking improves cognitive activities

According to studies carried out in America, this activity by stimulating the cardiorespiratory functions, increases the flow of blood to the brain, thus improving brain functions such as memory and general activities.

Walking every day makes us happy

People who walk every day return to their occupations with joy. Daily problems are loosened As we walk we discover corners and curiosities of our neighborhood that we did not know. We stop to buy the very thing we couldn’t find. We find that shop we have been looking for for a long time and had not seen. We stop for a coffee and then move on with our feet, which could take us anywhere. Walk, walk and thoughts return to their place. Walk, walk and a recipe comes to mind that we absolutely must make known to the family. Then he walks, walks and that sense of tiredness that had weighed us down all day has disappeared. This is why walking every day makes us happy.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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