Wabup Karo about his citizens asking Jokowi for road repairs: I’m disappointed


vice-regent Karo Theopilus Ginting admitted that he was disappointed with the citizens who sent oranges to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to request road repair. In fact, according to Theo, the Karo Regency Government has budgeted for road repairs next year.

“We have explained that related to road repairs to Liang Melas, there are all mechanisms. As deputy regent, I am a little disappointed with the departure to Jakarta without any coordination with the local government,” Theo told reporters, Friday (12/3/2021).

Theo admitted that there was no problem with the residents going to Jakarta to meet him Jokowi. However, he hopes that community activities will not be ridiculed by any party.

“We appreciate the departure of the community. But we really hope that this activity will not be ridden by certain parties,” he said.

Theo said his party was continuing to build in Liang Melas. He admitted that there is a budget for road repairs at that location in the 2022 Karo Regional Budget.

“I remind you that there is a mechanism for repairing the road to Liang Melas, which has been budgeted for in the 2022 APBD,” he explained.

Previously, residents in Karo sent a truckload of citrus fruits to President Jokowi. The delivery of this fruit is to ask the President to intervene to repair the roads in their village.

“We want to deliver a gift from our President Joko Widodo, we are from Liang Melas Datas. So that’s our goal, to deliver souvenirs or citrus fruits,” said community leader of Liang Melas Datas, Setia Sembiring.

Setia hopes that by sending these oranges, President Jokowi can pay attention to their village. There are 6 villages and 3 hamlets in Liang Melas Datas whose roads are damaged.

“Hopefully it gets your attention,” he said.

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