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Request to verify your identity and spend half of the project quickly

January 27, 2021 time 22:12

The treasury expedited to verify the identity of each half, within this 27 January the data will be drawn to be screened into the project, we won immediately.

Ms. Kulaya Tantitemit, Inspector General, Ministry of Finance Acting in lieu of the office director Fiscal Economy (FPO), as a spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance, revealed that half of the project, which is open to the public for additional registration on January 20, 2021 through the website www. The people who have successfully registered will receive an SMS confirming their rights. The identity must be successfully verified before being able to start spending through the “Pao Tang” application. At present, about 75 percent of the eligible individuals have successfully verified their identity in this registration cycle.

Ministry of Finance spokesman Reiterate that half of the grantees are requested to verify their identity and make their first spending as soon as 7 February 2021, otherwise they will be disqualified.In addition, if you successfully verify your identity by January 27 By 2021, your information will be automatically screened and reviewed to determine your eligibility for the We Win program. And considered that you are not required to register in the program, we won again This is because it is a group of people who have an application “Pang Tang” who has given consent to processing or disclosing information for other measures. The government already has, so the system can use your information to check the eligibility of the project, we win immediately.

For the latest progress of the project, half as of January 26, 2021, at 9:00 p.m. More than 1 million merchants have registered to join the project and 14,010,944 people have been exercised with a cumulative spending amount of 72,811. Million baht is divided into 37,247 million baht and the public sector co-paid 35,564 million baht.The top five provinces with the most accumulated spending are Bangkok, Chonburi, Songkhla, Chiang Mai and Samut Prakan, respectively.



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