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Viral Women Chase Husbands Using Only Towels, Here Are The Facts Behind


Marriage sometimes doesn’t always go according to plan. But if a partner is unfaithful, then that can destroy the relationship, like this story.

Chinese social media was recently shaken by a video of a woman chasing a man on a street in Guangdong province. The accident occurred on the night of November 13, 2022.

Reporting from eva.vn, the circulating video shows a panicked woman chasing a man down the street. What caught her attention was that the woman was wearing only a white towel with her hair down. As they ran, the women kept shouting and yelling, causing a commotion.

Even though she was only wrapped in a towel and barefoot, the woman didn’t seem at all embarrassed. She looked panicked as she continued to run after the man.

Because there are not a few people who talk about the accident. They doubt whether the two are in a relationship or not.

According to insiders, the man discovered that his wife was secretly dating someone else. Finding his wife alone in a hotel with a man, her husband became very angry and decided to leave immediately.

Seeing her husband leave, the woman immediately chased after her and screamed the whole way. Unfortunately, it is not explained how the couple finally solved the problem. However, quite a few netizens saw the video and commented.

“When a woman is caught by her husband having an affair, the first sentence she will say will be, ‘Listen to my explanation,'” commented one netizen.

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