Viral Couple Married To Have 3 Children, Just Knows Marriage Is Illegal


The couple’s marriage has gone viral because of the shocking thing that has only been realized after 34 years of living together in domestic life. It was their marriage that had been invalid.

is Mohd. Hasril Saleh who revealed the story of a couple who just found out their marriage was not valid. In his daily life, Mohd. Hasril is in charge of marriage registration for divorce.

In his viral upload, Hasril revealed that the couple already had three children. The couple met him while applying for remarriage.

“The couple has been married since 1988. I met the two couples about two or three months ago. They asked to remarry. In 35 years their marriage turned out to be illegitimate, if I’m not mistaken they already have three children,” said Mohd Hasril Saleh to Mstar.

“The judge decided that their marriage was invalid because their marriage guardian (father) did not agree because the husband was still someone’s husband. The marriage guardian did not approve because they wanted to be polygamous. Then this Malaysian couple took a short route, they married in Indonesia and married with guardian of the marriage there. This marriage was made in a syndicate, “he said at length.



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This couple uses a method that is not legal in the eyes of their country, namely Malaysia. They do not realize that the marriage that has been lived for 34 years is not valid.

Mohd Hasril as a takaful advisor (PruBSN) in Selangor, Malaysia has often obtained other cases of brides, since he has been involved in the field since 2014.

“I have handled various cases. But the most pitiful one is usually the case that declares an illegitimate child. There was once a case where a wife committed adultery with another man, but the child born was considered to be from her husband, while it was someone else’s child,” he explained.

Mohd Hasril said that what happened to the viral couple was because they lacked knowledge and wanted to solve a problem they shouldn’t have. “He took a short route so that what he was doing was done easily. But he didn’t think about what would happen in the future,” said the father of three.

Through his uploads on social media, he consistently creates educational content about the science of marriage and divorce. He also often gets questions from netizens about marriage, divorce, reconciliation and others.


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