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Viral Ageless Wife, Husband Reported to Police Thought to Marry Small Children


Intending to capture the moment of his wife’s 30th birthday, the husband and wife decided to do a studio photo together. However, when his wife was busy applying makeup, the shop clerk even called the police to report her husband.

Reporting from eva.vn, the incident that occurred in Guangdong province, China, then stole attention and went viral. The shop employee was about to call the police to come and immediately arrest the man because he did not believe that the woman he was carrying was his wife.



Apparently the wife has a very young face, like an underage girl who is 11 or 12 years old. The shop employees themselves initially thought the two were brothers. But after the woman called the man her husband, the shop clerk was shocked.

Thinking that the man had malicious intentions towards the woman, the shop clerk immediately discussed calling the police to arrest the man. But seeing this the woman immediately issued an ID card to verify her identity.

The wife looks too young. Photo: eva.vn

After seeing the woman’s ID card, it was discovered that the woman was born in 1992. This surprised the shop employees, not expecting that the woman was already 30 years old.

“She is my wife, she is 30 years old and we have a child who is more than 8 months old. She is not a small child,” explained the husband.

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