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Violent Robbery at Unlicensed Cannabis Store in the Bronx Sparks Concern Amid Legalization

Three criminals robbed an unlicensed cannabis store in the Bronx last February 14, repeatedly hitting an innocent employee who confronted them.

The trio entered Top Top 4 Walton at 1405 Walton Avenue in Mt. Eden around 1:40 a.m. They tried to take several marijuana products and leave without paying.

When A 26-year-old employee came out and confronted them without success, the criminals proceeded to beat him with their fists..

The worker was not seriously injured, but he no longer works at the marijuana storeaccording to another employee.

Now on the night shift they don’t open the door”said Ibraham, 30 years old.

The suspects They stole about $260 worth of marijuana and fled the scene on foot.according to the researchers, reported New York Post.

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The establishment was open 24 hours a day. and did business with customers on the sidewalk through a revolving service window.

Ibraham expressed that he was not intimidated by the threat of violence in the surrounding area, because before “working in [una] deli” and was “used to it.”

The violent robbery and escape occurs in the midst of multiple robberies in different unlicensed stores that have emerged throughout New York City since adult-use marijuana was legalized.

For its part, State regulators had collected a small fraction of the $25 million in fines they were allegedly owed from black market sellers.despite pressure to enforce the law.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) released photos from security camera footage of the suspects, all of whom were young men who were dressed in sweatshirts or jackets with hoods.

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