Videos | Magdy Kamel: “The life of a lifetime is gone, and the eye is strong and strong at first.”

05:43 PM

Sunday 18 October 2020

I wrote – Mona Al-Moji:

Artist Magdy Kamel said that his 23-year-old son, Adel, is in a bad psychological state due to what happened as a result of the circumstances of the spread of the Corona virus, and his departure from playing football, indicating that life has stopped for several months.

And he continued, in a telephone interview he made with the program “Nine pm”, presented by Wael Al-Ibrashi on Egyptian TV: “Life has remained very tight, the world is narrowing, and the young people who die without introductions. Young people still feel that the world is short and small, and I responded to the post with it and told him if God willing, these days are going to go away, and whoever comes is better. That is, yes, life will be difficult, but praise be to God, God forbid. He will not do. We are living. “

Magdy pointed out that the recent period witnessed his son’s exposure to several “blows”, stressing that he had advised him that man is the one who makes everything, and that the next will be better, and work will come, and he will start playing football again, and he asked him not to allow anything to be defeated by him. Something that defeats you, take away from me. I went through many crises in my journey, standing and standing, and I could not give up, but he went through many traumas in a month.

Magdy pointed out that most young people suffer from the same bad psychological state, and he sees them write matters related to death on their accounts on social media, asking: “Do they feel that life is short, especially that their friends and friends die suddenly? Does this affect them ?, But we always call for optimism, not For pessimism, in the end, life is in Allah’s hand. “

Majdy feels that what is happening to him and his family is because of envy, explaining, “We are envious of Ahmed our son, and he is a special case, and people envy him. You do not know what a strong eye is this, and it is a sign in my children and in my house of course envy is mentioned in the Qur’an, people who see that I laugh you don’t know what Guaya, laughing, ah, while he was laughing, and Bezer Megirkumsh, this view, looked at the essence of the brown Adam himself. “

He concluded by directing an advice to young people: “What is best, say, God willing, and draw close to our Lord, you will reach, and whatever you fall, rise stronger, fulfill your dream and achieve your ambitions.”

Just 3 days ago, Adel had written a long post, in which he revealed that he was in a bad psychological and health condition, and it came as follows: “I am writing this speech, and I hand shake and are really tired and unable, and I don’t know what I have, and I don’t know talking to someone because I don’t want I will let someone worry about me, but I will write the words I want to write because I don’t know what is going on or what will happen. My life is awful and he said it 4 months from day 6-15 until today 10-15.

He continued, “The four months are the most brutal countries. Four months I went back to me in my life. From the day the world came, because I had needs in them, I was painful and tired, and affected my psyche. The first of them was the first love in my life that lived for a year and a half and it ended on 6-15, after which was the death of Hafnawi, my friend.” My brothers may not be close to each other, but just chatting with some or seeing some, we still know some of the nursery, and it was in sweet memories that we were so soft with each other.

Adel added: “After our house, when it all sank, and up to now, we don’t know how it drowned or what happened, but thank God for everything and up to now the house is still not bad, and the last of it has remained for only 3 days. I’m very tired suddenly, and I’m tired, not normal and I don’t know I have uh, and the doctors do not know that I have uh, I took all the medicines, I took an injection, I had a good sleep, I had enough, and I did everything, but there is no improvement in it. Seriously, I’m afraid of what’s coming, and I don’t know what might happen. “

Adel continued in his lengthy post, “If something happened, I would have written all the things I wanted and I would be comfortable that I did this, and for his sake, you would know that laughter, shouting, going out and taking pictures is not the real life. The real life is what I have spoken about now, nobody knows you are your life, how I am or what What is happening in it and not with you, uh all, I see you in pictures and videos that are not real. What is important is our Lord conceal what is coming and infect a good one, God willing, because of this time, I really feel death. If you return to the best of one’s life, you will change completely in every need, even in pictures and videos. Sorry, I am so long, O Lord, you are the healer.


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