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The shocking rumors that spread in recent months have become confirmed, and it has become a fact revealed by the “Apple” company, which launched the new “iPhone 12” series, in a hypothetical event, the second this year, that it held on October 13th, when the announcement was made that the “iPhone 12” series It will not come with a charger or headphones.

Apple justified the decision to abandon the charger and headphones by its recent approach to preserve the environment and reduce the carbon footprint, and that the new phones will be compatible with its wireless headphones such as EarPods. As for the chargers, they can be purchased from any store that sells Apple products.

The “iPhone 12” phone box contains the new phone and a (Lighting to USB-C) cable, but it should be noted that (USB-C) is not the typical (USB) port that you may have in your computer or that you find in some outlets. Wall mounted in airports, cafes or similar places.

And some laptops and modern computers have USB-C ports, including MacBooks, but to charge your phone from the wall, you must get a USB-C wall charger.

When you open the “iPhone 12” box after purchasing the phone, you will find that you have to buy some parts that Apple did not include in the box, to improve the iPhone experience. For example, the phone does not come with a wall socket, and you will find yourself in need of a charger, of course. You likely already have a wall outlet so you won’t need a new one, but you should check first.

Most wall chargers that come with tools have USB-A ports, and this is the large rectangular entrance, but the iPhone 12 cable connects to the USB-C port, and this is a smaller input with rounded edges.

Rumors of Apple Shipping the iPhone 12 Without a Charger and Earphones Stay Persistent | News Break

In the same direction, the new phone does not come with wired headphones inside the box, and if you got them with your old device that was connected to (Lightning) you can use them, but if not, then maybe now is the time to upgrade to wireless headphones.

Numerous technical reports have criticized Apple’s consumer behavior with users, who pay huge sums for obtaining one of the company’s phones every year, but the cost will be higher this year in the absence of basic accessories that they previously obtained and now the company has denied them.

According to the “The Virge” technical site, “Apple” is interested in reducing the cost more than mitigating the damage on the planet, stressing that this decision is good for “Apple” and its business, but it is difficult to see how good this is on the planet.

The site added that this step contributes to saving the company money, but some environmental benefits can be offset by people purchasing earphones and chargers separately.

The company has said that excluding wall charger and earphones will reduce the mining, packaging and CO2 emissions associated with heating the planet associated with making products.


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