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VIDEO: Shakira meets Tik Tok’s challenge while Piqué washes her hair


During the confinement, many celebrities have joined in the fun through the Tik Tok challenges that have gone viral in all this time. Like Shakira, who was encouraged to film one of the challenges of TikTok that has become viral among its users during the quarantine. The challenge is to tease your partners affectionately.

The recorded challenge consists of capturing a man doing tasks that many culturally assume should be carried out by the woman of the house, while a song that says: “Oh, my wife rules me. I like that pod … I know she enjoys it”.

This time the turn was for the interpreter of “Eyes like that”, “Blind, deaf-speechless” and “Hips don’t lie”Who filmed Gerard Piqué while he washed his hair and set the music to the video with the subject in question, while they enjoyed laughing.

The initiative that runs on the popular TikTok video network has also generated much criticism as there are women who disagree with the idea. There are many women who, in the face of the marketer challenge, have shouted to heaven, because they consider that it is obsolete to think that way and that nowadays all home maintenance and daily chores must be carried out by both members of the company. couple, without distinction.

Despite the controversy over the ideological background of the challenge, there are many celebrities who take it with humor and record their lovers red-handed. Greeicy Rendón caught her boyfriend Mike Bahía making the bed, and also used the catchy music to record it on Tik Tok. At another moment, Greeicy returned to the charge capturing her better half grating the cheese to prepare a plate of food.

Some of the celebrities reacted and began to dance or asked their partners not to record them like that, while others were very calm, as can be seen in the recording of the Barranquilla and her soccer husband. The quarantine has required families and couples to reinvent themselves, so the Colombian artist decided to join the idea and record Piqué in the bathroom where she helps him with his long hair.

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