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Mytilineos: On the list of “big five” companies with dual listing – 2024-04-29 02:20:36

The sixth Greek stock to take the step of dual trading on a foreign exchange is expected to be the Mytileneos, as confirmed by the group itself after the announcement of the results of the first quarter. The relevant group of consultants has already taken over, in order to prepare the ground for the sixth dual listing for the domestic data.

After all, the path of parallel negotiation was first shown by Coca Cola since 2013 it has been simultaneously traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Viochalco followed suit, with simultaneous trading on Euronext Brussels.

The way of Brussels Cenergy took over in 2016 and Titanas in 2019, with the latter also joining Euronext Paris. AustriaCard Holding (formerly Inform Lykos) became the fifth company to join the dual lists of the Athens Stock Exchange, with parallel trading in Vienna.

The “Evangelists”

The performance of Mytilineos is undeniably impressive, especially after the transformation of the group. It is understandable that the management wants to test its strength in a demanding, but with greater prospects market, such as that of London, with the investment option it offers in no way inferior to others of its kind.

The point, as stock exchange sources report to “OT”, is for the dual listing shares to act as “evangelists” of the Greek business in Europe, opening the fan of funds that can see the HA as one of their main options.

So far, the performance of the five dual listings is positive, if judged from the time of the start of dual trading, but the comparisons are not exact, since it was preceded by a violent downward rerating of all the securities during the crisis, especially when the market was passing the entanglements of capital controls.

The “others” 3(?)

She is preparing, but she is not in a hurry Intralot for entering the American stock market (dual listing), as the group’s managing director, S. Kokkalis, had previously stated, with the interest now being great, as the listed company left behind the difficult period of surveillance.

According to well-informed sources, there are two more unlisted companies considering dual trading, but Athens is the second step and London the first. The first comes from the professional and language skills certification sector and the second from the energy sector.

Source: Ot.gr

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