US plans to lift oil sanctions on Iran

US to lift oil sanctions on Iran

An agreement was reached to lift all insurance, oil and shipping sanctions imposed by former US President Donald Trump.

The United States decided to lift sanctions from the oil and gas sector and shipping of Iran, as well as the country’s top leadership. In total, more than a thousand restrictions are planned to be lifted. This was reported by the agency Reuters with reference to the representative of Iran.

“An agreement was reached to lift all sanctions on insurance, oil and shipping that were imposed by (former US President Donald – ed.) Trump,” said Chief of Staff of Iranian President Ebrahim Rouhani Mahmoud Vaezi.

According to him, in accordance with the agreement reached, the United States will lift about 1,040 restrictions.

“It was also agreed to lift some sanctions against individuals and those close to the Supreme Leader,” he added.

As previously reported, Washington will continue to negotiate with Tehran on the return of the United States to compliance with the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JPC), from which the country withdrew in 2015 during the presidency of Donald Trump.

USA bought oil from Iran for the second time in 30 years

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