Upset with being prevented from getting married, the motive for younger siblings to kill siblings in a rented house in Depok

DEPOK, – Police arrested J, suspect murder planning against her own brother, D, in rented house at Kopral Daman Alley, Jalan Raya Muchtar, Sawangan Baru, Depok, West Java. J buried his brother’s body under the floor of the rented house.

Kapolres Metro Depok, Kombes Azis Andriansyah said that the suspect killed his sibling because he was driven by resentment.

“The story is that this suspect already has a girlfriend, his brother does not have a candidate. His younger brother wants to get married soon but cannot get married before his brother gets married,” Azis told reporters, Thursday (11/19/2020).

Suspect then several times urged his brother to get married. However, those who were urged actually felt offended and often became angry for the two months before the murder took place.

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“That’s where, according to the suspect’s reasons, he committed the murder of his brother. But we will investigate it further,” said Azis.

J admitted, he killed his brother out of anger. He killed his brother by beating him with an LPG gas cylinder and smothering him with a pillow.

“Sometimes you get angry and you are not clear, then sometimes if you get a little wrong you yell, you get angry,” said J.

Azis said J was charged with Articles 338 and 340 of the Criminal Code, namely premeditated murder with the threat of 15 years in prison up to the death penalty.

Chronology of the discovery of the remains

Sukiswo (60), the owner of the rented house, was the first to find the victim’s body.

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Sukiswo said that initially his wife asked him to repair the rented house toilet because it was clogged.

“However, after I saw it, there were floor tiles of different colors. So I was suspicious of the floor,” Sukiswo told reporters on Wednesday night.

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“I checked, I beat it, it was empty, so I decided to dismantle it,” he continued.

“After all this time, nothing was found, but after we saw that there was cement and cement waste that were not sticky to the ground, this was suspicious for me. Finally I continued digging again,” said Sukiswo.

He then stuck a crowbar and pulled it so that the structure under the floor could be more quickly unraveled.

“As soon as I shook the crowbar, there was a smell. After that I reported it to Pak RT and RW,” said Sukiswo.

“Only after continuing to dig a little more, it looks like a knee, but not sure, but it looks like that (knee),” he added.

The police who received the report arrived at the location. The excavation was then carried out together with the identification team, until it was found that the bone was indeed part of a corpse that was buried in a sitting position curled up.


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