Unemployment insurance: “All unions will appeal to the Council of State”, announces Philippe Martinez

“It was time”, loose Philippe Martinez in response to the “tariff shield” detailed by Jean Castex last night. The Prime Minister has indeed announced that gas prices will be blocked from November to April… after their umpteenth increase of 12.6% in the 1is October. “Energy will continue to increase with electricity. There are other measures to be taken, the State has made a lot of money with VAT, it must be reduced on basic products. “

Help from the minimum wage: “It is no longer a helping hand but a kick! “

Insufficient, therefore, for the secretary general of the CGT, who points to a more structural problem in French energy production: “Engie made 3 billion in profits over the first 6 months of the year. When will we return to a public energy hub so that Engie can once again become 100% state-owned and be able to regulate energy prices? “For Philippe Martinez, the problem is much more general:” Over two years the increase must be around 70%, there is a real reflection to be had on these questions with a single company. With many operators everyone had to be a winner, you see the result. “

The secretary general of the CGT affirms it, we must not reduce the problem to purchasing power: “We must not speak only of purchasing power, we must speak of salaries. The only lasting measure is wages. The notion of purchasing power produces measures that eliminate social contributions, so we steal from you with one hand what we give you with the other. “Consequently,” the only revaluation “that the CGT expects, it is not that of the energy check, but well that of the SMIC:” It increases mechanically today, but it is insufficient, it does not need any more a boost, but a boost and gradually go towards 2000 euros per month. “

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Social reforms: “I have the impression that they do not live in the same country as me”



“If politicians want to work until they are 80, that’s up to them.” Philippe Martinez

Likewise, in order not to forget the inactive and in particular the retirees, Philippe Martinez asks that no retirement pension be lower than the minimum wage. For him, the proposal by Édouard Philippe “To extend the working life by pushing back the retirement age to 65.66 or 67” is “scandalous”: “That politicians want to work until they are 80 years old. looked. The employees of nursing homes will they end up being as old as the residents? I have the impression that he does not live in the same country as me. “The secretary general of the CGT recalls that there is another lever to replenish the pension funds:” We must review the system of exemption from contributions and reopen the tap. Wages are blocked down in France because companies pay no contributions up to 1.6 minimum wage. “

If the pension reform no longer seems really on the agenda, in any case in this five-year term, the government remains firm on that of unemployment insurance, which comes into force today. But the unions continue to present a united front against this “unjust and scandalous” project: “The government says it is open to discussion, but when all the unions in this country are against reform – it is rare enough to be highlighted. – he does not abandon it. “Thus the unions do not intend to admit defeat:” All the unions will appeal to the Council of State. The decree was issued yesterday and we have started to work. We have 8 days to drop it off. ”

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Let us recall that last June, the highest administrative court of the country had suspended the entry into force of the new rules for calculating allowances, because of the “uncertainties” linked to the fragility of the economic recovery. Since then, the recovery seems to have been confirmed, will the Council of State therefore validate the reform of the government this time? The remedies will in any case be numerous.

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