Retirees with a pension and salary are a ticking bomb, we need …

Last week, Democratic Bulgaria MP Martin Dimitrov revealed information on how many people of retirement age are employed in the administration. From his questions sent to all ministries and the answers he receives, it is clear that the state administration is literally clogged with retirees. According to him, Martin Dimitrov shared where the problem came […]

Minister of Finance on the Polish Lada. “There is no need to delay”

From 1 January, a package of tax changes included in the Polish Lada comes into force. From the new year, it will also be possible to apply for a new family benefit, i.e. Family Caring Capital. – The Polish Order is a change of the tax system in Poland, eliminating its injustices, so there is […]

The Minister of Justice: We divide KPKONPI, we close special justice

The Minister of Justice Nadezhda Yordanova in the studio of “Bulgaria in the Morning” on Bulgaria ON AIR. Judicial reform is among the new government’s top priorities, Justice Minister Nadezhda Yordanova said in Bulgaria ON AIR’s Bulgaria in the Studio studio. According to her, there is a sense of injustice in society. Yordanova said changes […]

G7 ambassadors voiced their expectations for judicial reform to Zelensky

Photo: Press Service of the President of Ukraine Zelensky’s meeting with G7 ambassadors Representatives of the G-7 countries hope for an early election of the leadership of the SAP and NABU, as well as an early reform of the SBU. The ambassadors of the G7 countries discussed with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reforms in Ukraine in […]

Vladimir Zelensky became the first deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Health

Photo: Vladimir Zelensky will be engaged in digitalization of medicine in the Russian Federation The forty-two-year-old official, among other things, will reform and digitalize Russian medicine. In Russia, Vladimir Zelensky, the namesake of the Ukrainian president, became the first deputy minister of health. On Thursday, December 9, reports TASS with reference to the message […]

Police reform: one leader but several questions

It is a reform that raises concerns. In each department, departmental directorates of the national police (DDPN) will be created which will bring together public security, territorial intelligence (the former « RG »), border police and judicial police. Making the job easier Until now, each of these specialties has operated independently, with its own direction. […]

savings of up to 540 euros a year. Six billion on the table

On paper, this is the simplest solution: reduce thepersonal income tax rate 38%, the one that applies to the bracket of income between 28 thousand and 55 thousand euros a year, would mean anticipating for the benefit of the middle class one of the key indications given by the Finance Committees of the House and […]

US and Ukraine signed Charter on Strategic Cooperation / GORDON

The event was broadcast in YouTube The U.S. Department of State and Facebook Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. “Updated Charter on Strategic Partnership between the United States and Ukraine, which the Foreign Minister and I [Украины] signed today, confirms the unwavering commitment of the United States to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, “Blinken said. Paper […]