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Understanding and Treating Bacterial Vaginitis, Candida Vaginitis, Trichomonas Vaginitis, and More: Symptoms and Treatments

Bacterial vaginitis, Candida vaginitis, Trichomonas vaginitis, etc.

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Bacterial vaginosis is characterized by a fishy odor. [사진= 게티이미지뱅크]Vaginitis is common enough to be called a woman’s cold. Nevertheless, if left untreated, it can progress to pelvic inflammatory disease. In severe cases, infertility and chronic pelvic pain may occur, which may lead to surgery. If you miss the timing of treatment, you may experience discomfort in your daily life, so you must check the symptoms and receive early treatment. Based on data from the American health information media ‘Health’, we introduce vaginitis and symptoms to watch out for.

Bacterial vaginosis, which produces a fishy smell, often recurs

Bacterial vaginosis is characterized by a fishy odor. Bacterial vaginitis is a vaginitis that occurs when normal vaginal bacteria lose their power due to various reasons and anaerobic bacteria or gram-negative bacilli multiply more than 100 times. Frequent sexual intercourse, washing deep into the vagina with water, or excessive mucus secretion caused by a ruptured cervix are presumed to be the causes. Once vaginal lactic acid bacteria disappear, it is difficult for them to colonize again, and bacterial vaginosis often recurs. Aftereffects may include infertility and premature birth.

Candida vaginitis caused by white cheese-like cold and mold

It occurs when hygiene conditions are poor and is known to be caused by frequent antibiotic use and decreased immunity. The most common form of vaginitis is a cheesy discharge. It is accompanied by a white thick cold and severe itching. In severe cases, the area around the vulva becomes swollen and red. Even if you can’t stand the itchiness and scratch it unconsciously, a wound will form and it will be painful. Candida, a type of fungus, is the main cause. Candida can also grow in people with weakened immune function, such as pregnant women, people taking oral contraceptives for a long time, and diabetics, or those using antibiotics for a long time.

Watery shepherd’s purse and odor, Trichomonas vaginitis

Trichomonas vaginitis is usually accompanied by a large amount of foamy vaginal discharge and itching. It is caused by Trichomonas, a type of parasite. It is spread through sexual intercourse and is very contagious. Aftereffects include infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, and premature birth, and if there is a watery shepherd’s discharge and a smell of rotting fish, trichomoniasis should be suspected. Trichomonas vaginitis is a type of sexually transmitted disease, and it is recommended that you also undergo tests for gonorrhea or chlamydia infection.

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