UN chief urges US, China to ‘dialogue’ and ‘understanding’

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, on Tuesday September 21 warned the United States and China against a further degradation of the world already “on the edge of the abyss“, Calling them to”dialogue“And”understanding», At the opening of the United Nations Annual General Assembly.

Restore Confidence

«We are facing the greatest cascade of crises of our life», He noted. “I’m afraid our world is heading towards two different sets of economic, business, financial and technological rules, two divergent approaches to the development of artificial intelligence – and ultimately two different military and geopolitical strategies.“, he said. “It’s a recipe for trouble. It would be much less predictable than the Cold War. To restore confidence and inspire hope, we need cooperation“Pleaded the head of the UN.

«We need to have a dialogue. We need understanding. We must invest in prevention, maintenance and peacebuilding. We need progress in nuclear disarmament and in our common counterterrorism efforts. We need actions rooted in respect for human rightsInsisted Antonio Guterres. In implicit allusion to Burma, Mali, Guinea or Sudan, the UN official lamented to attend “also to an explosion of seizures of power by force». «Military coups are back” and “the lack of unity within the international community does not help», He regretted.

“The two largest economies in the world at odds”

«Geopolitical divisions undermine international cooperation and limit the ability of the Security Council to make necessary decisions. At the same time, it will be impossible to meet dramatic economic and development challenges as the world’s two largest economies disagree.“, Added the head of the UN, pointing the finger at Beijing and Washington.

Antonio Guterres, who is in the last year of his first mandate at the head of the UN and who will start a new one in January, had already alerted in 2018 (“division“Sino-American), in 2019 (“the great divide“) And in 2020 (a”new cold war”) On the risk of a bipolar world trapped in Sino-American tensions. The high-level session of the UN General Assembly, in which more than 100 heads of state and government physically participate, as well as dozens of ministers, is due to continue until Monday.

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